Recent Publications

[ECCV 2020] C. Li*, T. Chen*, H. You, Z. Wang, and Y. Lin, “HALO: Hardware-Aware Learning to Optimize”, European Conference on Computer Vision 2020.

[ICLR 2020] (Spotlight) H. You, C. Li, P. Xu, Y. Fu, Y. Wang, X. Chen, Z. Wang, R. Baraniuk, Y. Lin, “Drawing Early-bird Tickets: Towards More Efficient Training of Deep Networks“, International Conference on Learning Representations 2020. [Code]

[ICASSP 2020] Y. Zhao, C. Li, Y. Wang, P. Xu, Y. Zhang, Y. Lin, “DNN-CHIP PREDICTOR: An Analytical Performance Predictor for DNN Accelerators with Various Dataflows and Hardware Architectures“, 45th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing.

[ISCAS 2020] H. Wang*, Y. Zhao*, C. Li, Y. Wang, Y. Lin, “A New MRAM-Based Process In-Memory Accelerator for Efficient Neural Network Training with Floating Point Precision“, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2020.

[ISCA 2020] Y. Zhao, X. Chen, Y. Wang, C. Li, H. You, Y. Fu, Y. Xie, Z. Wang, Y. Lin, “SmartExchange: Trading Higher-cost Memory Storage/Access for Lower-cost Computation“, The IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Computer Architecture 2020.